When your teen’s fear of failure stops them from trying

What if your teen willingly faced challenges even when things felt hard? “… my teen had a full-on meltdown after attempting challenging math homework that she is super behind and told me she will just give up and not even try. I tried the statements Aly taught me and left her alone… After dinner my […]

4 Ways You’re Pushing Your Teen Away

What if you knew exactly what connection meant to your teen and how to quickly create it? “So I just did it… I went to my daughter’s room and shared very openly and vulnerable, … I said that I love her and want to be a better, supportive mom … And we had a moment […]

Behavior Correction + Consequences to Raise Compliant Teens

What if… … your teen took responsibility and made better choices after one conversation. “Just practiced using a script with my teen who stayed at his friend’s without permission…. He eventually apologized and I was able to leave the issue and not lose my temper and feel outraged. Felt good!” – Belinda But how is […]

The heartbreak of holidays with your teen

Got any plans with your teen for spring break? “She wants to talk to me, hang out with me, she’s laughing more, and even asking my advice.” – Nikki H. Over the holidays, I saw a lot of posts in my community from heartbroken, amazing, parents whose teenager or young adult had a very different […]

Are you raising a lazy teen?

Ugh! It’s just easier to do it yourself, right? Having raised two sons, I know how frustrating and defeating it feels trying to get your teen to care or help with even the most basic task. Sometimes, it IS just easier (and faster) to do it yourself.  However, continuing to enable your teen by overcompensating sets them […]

Most days I was barely breathing

Happy New Year! Is it just me or does seeing and writing 2-0-2-4 feel futuristic? I mean, I remember when…. Good grief I’m getting old! 😂😬 Thank God I’m never too old to grow, learn, and heal. TLDR; scroll down to register for my LIVE Masterclass January 17th! I talk about emotional regulation a lot […]

Preparing your teen for the real world

I’m seeing this conversation online again and having been deeply impacted myself, I want to address it. But first, I respect that you’re here. Every week (if you’re an OG, that’s over 3 years!) you’re reading my emails for nuggets of insight into your teen and tips to navigate these very real and difficult challenges. […]

The Art of Saying “No” …

This takes emotional reactions to a new level! Setting limits and saying ‘No’ to your reactive teen WITHOUT the massive blow up, fit throwing or damaging property in the process is possible……when you understand a few key things first. The Boundary Block The dilemma lies in the necessity of saying “no” – an essential part […]

Gentle Parenting creates lazy, entitled teens

You hear about it every day on social media. Parents and experts espousing this unachievable fantasy of raising a respectful teen without using generations old methods to teach your teen what’s right and wrong. (YOU: shaking your head) Pfft!! You’re thinking: “Good for you, whatever your name is. I’m raising my teen to succeed in […]

5 Ways to break the cycle of constant arguing with your teen

Having real, calm conversations with your teen as if you’re actually on the same page and speaking the same language isn’t just a pipe dream… …even if the arguing is currently wearing down your patience until you feel raw and reactive. Let’s get real. If you’ve got a teen at home, you’re no stranger to […]