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Welcome to THE judgement free space for parents of tweens and teens doing one of the hardest jobs… without any training!

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Nobody plans to have teens

You used to be close until they changed overnight.

Your sweet, friendly, smiley, child who used to love hugs is now a self-absorbed, ungrateful, disrespectful teenager who answers every question with, ‘I don’t know’, or shuts you out completely.

I was your teen, only WORSE.

Despite fumbling through my own childhood trauma and ADHD, plus my oldest having Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, I broke the cycle with my sons and raised confident, emotionally intelligent, trustworthy young men who avoided the pitfalls of hormonal hijacking. Today, I’ve helped thousands of parents just like you to do the same.


Day to day moments of connection, open communication and healthy boundaries. Rinse and repeat (even when your teen is being a jerk!).

It’s the step by step, proven framework that I LOVE TO TEACH because it ends the painful disconnection and exhausting power struggles of the adolescent years so your teen sees you as their ally, not the enemy.

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Understanding Your Teen’s Brain

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How to transform your moody, hormonal teen into a compliant, respectful human without the daily nagging or punishments


The secret to getting your teen to like and listen to you!



Get the answer to why your teen is being so difficult!

It’s like a flip switched over night. Since when is it ok for your teen to talk to you like that?

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