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Welcome to THE judgement free space for parents of tweens and teens doing one of the hardest jobs… without any training!

Pull up a chair, take a deep breath, and dig into my FREE tools to quickly reconnect with your teen that puberty exchanged for a moody, defiant stranger. 

How to Transform Your Moody, Hormonal Teen Into a Respectful, Compliant Human

You used to be close until they changed overnight.

Your sweet, friendly, smiley, child who used to love hugs is now a self-absorbed, ungrateful, disrespectful teenager who answers every question with, ‘I don’t know’, or shuts you out completely.

I was your teen, only WORSE.

Despite fumbling through my own childhood trauma and ADHD, plus my oldest having Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, I broke the cycle with my sons and raised confident, emotionally intelligent, trustworthy young men who avoided the pitfalls of hormonal hijacking. Today, I’ve helped thousands of parents just like you to do the same.


Day to day moments of connection, open communication and healthy boundaries. Rinse and repeat (even when your teen is being a jerk!).

It’s the step by step, proven framework that I LOVE TO TEACH because it ends the painful disconnection and exhausting power struggles of the adolescent years so your teen sees you as their ally, not the enemy.

How to Transform Your Moody, Hormonal Teen Into a Respectful, Compliant Human

What parents are saying:

I have to share our progress, my son has logged onto his online learning live lessons and completed some of the work with only being asked once! This might sound small but when we first started he wasn't doing any work and I was constantly going into his room reminding him to do what he needed to do. Honestly never believed that by using your tools I would see change this soon! Thank you Aly.
Jodie P.
I have been using your tools and it has been so much more peaceful at home. My teen has done things I normally have to ask her to do, without me even asking (aka cleaning her room and putting away laundry). I have made sure to let her know how much I appreciate her efforts! She honestly seems so much more light hearted this week. She even gave me a hug!
Lana M.
You have single handedly changed my entire relationship with my twin 13yr daughters, I followed so many of your tips and I cannot believe how much our relationship/convos have changed. We engage and joke and just chat so so much differently now and I can catch myself before I overwhelm them. Then actually WANT to hear my opinions and advice.
Lori P.
I went to my daughters room and shared very openly and vulnerably, that I've gotten some help because I think we'll both need it and will benefit. I said that I love her and want to be a better, supportive mum for her. She was doing make up but she listened. We had a moment of connection. It might seem small, but its really really huge for me! I'm beyond grateful that I've found you Aly. Thanks for being such an advocate for teens. Your work is beautiful, powerful and SO needed.
Elisabeth F
Honestly Aly, I can’t thank you enough. We were going through some difficult times with our 16 year old. We grounded her for a week because we found vaping stuff in her bag for the third time. In anger, she shattered a mirror in her room and we took her bedroom door off the hinges. Since then, I have been applying your strategies and everything has taken a 180 and our relationship is 100 times better. This is incredible! As a nurse who has worked with teens in the past, I’m resourceful but I hit the jackpot when I found you! Your approach truly makes sense and WORKS!! I’m a believer!”
Tracy B.
"I'd like you to bring your toothbrush and towel back to your room before you leave my bedroom, thanks." Wow. She did it, without any reminding. First time ever! All your science based advice has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for the tremendous, positive impact you have made in our family life. Before I would have to ask her repeatedly and most of the time, she'll run out laughing and saying "never". Thank you for sharing and teaching me how to have the relationship I want with my children. I still have ways to go but I am hopeful.
A. N.



How to transform your moody, hormonal teen into a compliant, respectful human without the daily nagging or punishments


The secret to getting your teen to like and listen to you!