This past year was HARD! Almost harder than 2020 because our lives were supposed to go back to normal this year. ‘Just do this one more thing and we’ll be good’, they said. Or ‘after this, we can reopen’, they promised. 

2021 was filled with false hope, moving targets and more unknowns that created unprecedented mental health struggles, pushing both adults and teens to the brink. From online schooling to lack of athletic pursuits and social connection, teens felt isolated, lost, and anxious. 

“How can I motivate my teenager? They don’t care about anything.” 

That’s the #1 question I get every day in my parenting communities and on social media. Parents watched their generally enthusiastic, outgoing, and reasonably successful teen slide into an unshakable numbness, not caring about anything anymore. 

Caring parents just like you tried tough love, soft love, encouragement, consequences, punishment, and every other tool under the sun to motivate their teen, yet nothing worked. There were daily emails from teachers about missed classes and assignments and your teens spot on the team is at risk. Still, they don’t care. 

You don’t have a motivation gap. 

Motivation comes from the inside, not external prodding, and requires 2 precursors in this order: 

  • Confidence – holding sufficient belief that success is possible 
  • Safety – knowing the risk and price of failing 

This means looking at your expectations of what a ‘good’ parent is, what a ‘good’ teen is and how their performance influences the way you feel about yourself. Using your teen’s external results for your own validation is a toxic equation of conditional love, even if that’s how you were raised and you turned out just fine. 

So what’s the answer? 

As a former troubled teen and mom of 2 young men, I’m passionate about empowering parents to end the emotional blow ups and painful disconnection with their teens to create relationships built on trust and respect. 

I created a link to my most requested articles from 2021 filled with simple, proven steps for you to help your teen build confidence and find their way starting NOW! 

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