When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences You’ve tried soft love, tough love, punishment, discipline, and consequences. Seriously, what’s left? It’s like trying to put a screaming toddler in a timeout after they go completely limp. You have no leverage. Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do. You’ve watched the videos, read the […]

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me This past year was HARD! Almost harder than 2020 because our lives were supposed to go back to normal this year. ‘Just do this one more thing and we’ll be good’, they said. Or ‘after this, we can reopen’, they promised. 2021 was filled with false hope, moving targets […]

You Don’t Understand

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than offering sincere support to your teenager and getting your head bitten off. Apparently, the kindness you extended wasn’t what they were looking for and you’re not feeling motivated to try again. This seems simple, but it’s not. Sure, you were a teen so it’s not unfamiliar territory – the relationship […]

Your Teen Won’t Try If It’s Not Safe To Fail

I remember in high school the first time I brought home a report card with a B. It stood out like a neon light between all the A’s and screamed the words I’d been running from for years. “You’re not perfect. You’re a failure.” There’s no reward in normal. The years of pristine, unstained report […]

Tips to Un-Spoil your Teen this Christmas

When your teen hands you their extravagant Christmas list filled with expensive tech, you feel a wave of nausea at the financial reality, then react with laughter, criticism, or ridicule, wondering where they think your money tree grows. Not to mention your resentment because no matter what you buy them, they don’t seem to care […]

It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t

TRIGGER WARNING – this may be unsettling as I share a recent loss and my experience with suicide. On November 17th I lost a friend. A man who seemed larger than life with a heart for serving others, spontaneous adventure and childlike play through sports and outdoor activities. He desperately wanted to be a reliable […]

Setting Boundaries with Family Around the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. That most wonderful time of year when you cram everything in your vehicle, tell your kids to stop touching each other 1000 times while refereeing who picks the music to spend a few, sensory-overloaded days with your family, sleeping on lumpy pull-out sofas or getting bounced off the airbed when your partner […]

Having ‘The Talk” With Your Teen

There were two, three-letter words that were off limits in our home. Well, more of a silent agreement than an explicit directive. God and sex. We went to church on Sundays, we just didn’t talk about God any other day. Based on results, there was sex at least twice (Exhibit A and B – my […]

I caught my boyfriend cheating on me

It was my first serious relationship at 15 in 10th grade with a boy I met a few years prior through my sister. Laughter and was our thing. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe about silly things and I was intoxicated; feeling accepted, loved and free to talk about anything and everything. Sure, we partied […]

This is all YOUR fault!

Have you heard this? “I hate you!” “If you loved me this wouldn’t happen!” When your teenager lashes out because all their problems and pain are your fault and now you’ve ruined their life, it’s heartbreaking. Ouch. It’s like stabbing a knife in your heart, twisting it around, ripping it out, and then driving over […]