How To Motivate Your Teen

No matter how much nagging and cajoling you do, your teenager doesn’t seem to care. Maybe they’re letting their chores lapse, or missing homework assignments. How can you motivate your teenager when they won’t even listen to you? Learning how to motivate a teenager requires understanding how motivation develops and how the teen brain operates… […]

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences You’ve tried soft love, tough love, punishment, discipline, and consequences. Seriously, what’s left? It’s like trying to put a screaming toddler in a timeout after they go completely limp. You have no leverage. Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do. You’ve watched the videos, read the […]

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me This past year was HARD! Almost harder than 2020 because our lives were supposed to go back to normal this year. ‘Just do this one more thing and we’ll be good’, they said. Or ‘after this, we can reopen’, they promised. 2021 was filled with false hope, moving targets […]

Turn that frown upside down – The secret price of Pompom Parenting

  Whether it’s school, friends, love interests, your boundaries or a myriad of other things, your teen is having an emotional reaction of the messy kind; anger, angst, sadness, devastation, frustration, annoyance, low confidence, etc. (insert dark and stormy cloud). When your child hurts, you hurt. It’s genetic. You’re their parent, the person who’s known […]