How To Motivate Your Teen

No matter how much nagging and cajoling you do, your teenager doesn’t seem to care. Maybe they’re letting their chores lapse, or missing homework assignments. How can you motivate your teenager when they won’t even listen to you? Learning how to motivate a teenager requires understanding how motivation develops and how the teen brain operates… […]

Mom! I can’t pause the game!

You want your teen to connect with friends and collaborate in meaningful activities that build communication and team dynamics, but do they have to it from different homes while YELLING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!! Wasn’t that the point of wearing a headset so you didn’t need to? PEW! PEW! PEW! The constant nagging […]

Are You Teaching Your Teen About Money

Like any loving parent, you want to give your child a good life, reasonable standard of living, and great experiences and memories to look back on. You work hard to provide that, aiming for equal or better than you had, making sacrifices along the way. That’s what a ‘good’ parent does. As a tween, your […]

The Year I Never Wanted For My Daughter

Before you skip past, thinking ‘oh, that’s not happening to my teen’ or ‘wow, that parent really needs some help’, read on. “As a child of the system, including adoption where I was worse off than where I started, I endured physical abuse, emotional manipulation, and sexual molestation. I worked hard to heal and grow, […]

Its Just Easier To Do It Myself

Having raised two sons, I know how frustrating and defeating it feels trying to get your teen to care and help out. Sometimes, it IS just easier (and faster) to do it yourself. However, continuing to enable your teen by overcompensating sets them and their future relationships up to fail. Whoa! That’s a little harsh! […]

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences You’ve tried soft love, tough love, punishment, discipline, and consequences. Seriously, what’s left? It’s like trying to put a screaming toddler in a timeout after they go completely limp. You have no leverage. Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do. You’ve watched the videos, read the […]

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me This past year was HARD! Almost harder than 2020 because our lives were supposed to go back to normal this year. ‘Just do this one more thing and we’ll be good’, they said. Or ‘after this, we can reopen’, they promised. 2021 was filled with false hope, moving targets […]

10 Strategies for Conquering Summer School

As if this past school year wasn’t enough, now you’re dealing with summer school. UGH! In spite of your best efforts to get your teen up, completing and handing in assignments, they failed a course (or two). It’s like they got lazy, gave up and stopped trying. This WILL NOT happen again! You’ve laid down […]

6 Tips to Survive Your Summer Vacation with Your Teen

  You’ve worked hard for this vacation and are so looking forward to some time away from the stress and monotony of your regular routine. Especially after more than a year of many and ever-changing pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same enthusiasm as you do. Your teen is grumpy because they’d rather do […]

I’ve Never Felt So Alone

  Over and over I heard from parents in last week’s LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen how alone they felt, not sharing their greatest challenges with anyone. Parenting isn’t meant to be a solo journey, yet it can be one of the most isolating experiences in our adult […]