Over and over I heard from parents in last week’s LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen how alone they felt, not sharing their greatest challenges with anyone.

Parenting isn’t meant to be a solo journey, yet it can be one of the most isolating experiences in our adult life.

Eleven years ago, when social media was still in its infancy and Facebook was really the only player, I heard a speaker say that 67% of personal online content was fake. I’m not sure what that stat is today but I guarantee you’re seeing and hearing other parents’ highlight reels.

You know, the parents who have amazing, issue-free relationships with their teens? The teens who win academic and other awards, volunteer when they aren’t working or doing homework and offer to help in every way around the house?

I’m not saying there aren’t great teens, or great parents.

What I want you to know is hearing someone else’s wins without seeing their insecurities and struggles behind closed doors leads to a very skewed impression of them, and YOU.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking with other moms I know. I feel like a failure.”

“I always hear how wonderful their teens are. I just stop talking.”

“I felt so alone and such a horrible mom.”

What if those ‘perfect parents’ felt just as alone and scared as you, but fed you what they want you to believe to avoid the shame and guilt we all know well?

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Who do we think we’re kidding? And who are we trying to impress?

Oh right. The judging, critical, condescending, and mean people who love to tell you how wrong you, how you’re ruining your kids, you’re an unfit parent, you’re toxic and have no idea what you’re doing. Just to start.

And those are your ‘friends’!

What if there was a safe, supportive parenting community where shaming and criticism didn’t happen, even if you shared your most vulnerable challenges?

“I have been looking for the holy grail of parenting solutions for a looooong time….nothing has resonated with me like this or had such an immediate positive impact….I found my tribe!” – Fiona C.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have courageous and honest conversations with your teen without getting torn apart?

Guess what? You can!

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Parenting is hard, you don’t have to do it alone.