7 tips to finding your teen the right therapist

You know your teen needs help. Maybe they’ve even agreed to get help. So how do you find the right therapist and how do you know if it’s working? These are important and valuable questions to be asking so you and your teen get the most out of a professional support experience. 1) Forcing or […]

The #1 Question Parents Ask Me

2021 was filled with false hope, moving targets and more unknowns that created unprecedented mental health struggles, pushing both adults and teens to the brink. From online schooling to lack of athletic pursuits and social connection, teens felt isolated, lost, and anxious.  “How can I motivate my teenager? They don’t care about anything.”  That’s the […]

You Don’t Understand

This seems simple, but it’s not.  Sure, you were a teen so it’s not unfamiliar territory – the relationship drama of who said what to whom, the mean teacher who gives too much homework and doesn’t care if you had a rough day and having to be ‘social media perfect’ every moment to avoid judgement […]

Your Teen Won’t Try If It’s Not Safe To Fail

There’s no reward in normal.  The years of pristine, unstained report cards before had gone almost unnoticed with a glance and barely a smile from my parents. No ‘great job’, ‘well done’ or ‘we’re so proud of you’. Just the nonchalance of every day normal that didn’t warrant a comment, hug or special meal.  That […]

Tips to Un-Spoil your Teen this Christmas

Not to mention your resentment because no matter what you buy them, they don’t seem to care anyway.  Your teen isn’t ungrateful or entitled and you haven’t failed as a parent.  Experience creates perspective.  Your teen has never worked a full-time job to pay a mortgage, keep the place warm with lights on, kept a […]

It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t

On November 17th I lost a friend. A man who seemed larger than life with a heart for serving others, spontaneous adventure and childlike play through sports and outdoor activities. He desperately wanted to be a reliable employee and team member, the perfect husband to his loving wife and a safe, kind and caring father […]

Supporting Your Teen Through Mental Health Challenges

For heaven’s sake, toughen up. If your teen had been with you when you were young, they’d never survive! Bullying and name calling were leadership skills (on and off the school grounds) and no one was coming running if you felt offended or triggered. You survived so much worse…minus social media and a global pandemic. […]

Top 5 Apps and Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in the dumpster fire of 2020

This pandemic isn’t your average day-to-day exhaustion. Getting your teen out of bed for online school they hate or the constant nagging to complete homework assignments they don’t seem to care about is wearing you down. Add in protocols making everyday tasks feel epic, working from home with constant interruption and financial stresses, and your […]

7 Ways to Survive a Christmas Quarantine

a sister and brother sit beside each other at christmas wearing santa hats

Family – people who bring familiarity and comfort, while pushing all your buttons at the same time. Travelling on winter roads or formerly packed airplanes was never actually fun anyway. Even a few days with your parents in their ‘82 degree sweat lodge’ on the blow-up mattress in the den that sprung a slow leak […]

The Mental Health diagnosis – our journey with anxiety

a mother and her baby sit together

Until they were VERY different. My son had an obsessive level of focus by 18 months old. He wasn’t playing with his toys, he was watching how they worked – the way the wheels turned and how those wheels contacted various surfaces. He would use his toys to do the same 3-4 repetitive movements….for 2 […]