This is one of the most exhausting challenges parents tell me about that creates resentment and stress in your relationship with your teen.

The Real Struggle Behind the Snooze Button

First off, let’s get one thing straight: it’s not just your teen being difficult. Their internal body clock shifts during puberty, making them natural night owls. So, when you’re trying to wake them up at the crack of dawn for school, their body is screaming, “No way, I was just getting into my deep sleep!”

You're Not Alone

One of my clients, Sarah, told me, “I was at my wits’ end. My son would not get up in the morning, no matter what I tried. It was affecting his grades and our relationship.” After working together, Sarah found that setting boundaries and creating a reward system made mornings a breeze.

Another parent, Mark, shared, “My daughter would slam the door in my face when I tried to wake her up. It was a daily struggle.” Mark found success by adjusting the lighting in his daughter’s room and using a sleep cycle app to wake her up at the optimal time.

Why not make this the year you stop this pattern?

In this video I’ll explain:

1) Why your teen isn’t getting up for school no matter how much you beg, nag, or remind them it’s their responsibility

2) Why your teen is always so exhausted and could sleep 24 hours a day, and it’s not because of phones or gaming

3) How your greatest fears about them failing are actually stopping your teen from changing

I’ll talk about how to:

1. Create a sleep-friendly environment – Trust me, it makes a difference.
2. Setup a system with multiple alarms – It’s a simple yet effective trick.
3. Let your teen have natural consequences – Sometimes, the best lessons are learned the hard way.
4. Create emotional safety – It sets a positive tone for the day and makes waking up something to look forward to.
5. Involve Them in the Process – This will create autonomy and that makes a big difference.

Mornings are not just about getting out of bed; they’re about starting the day on a positive note. As someone who emphasizes emotional safety, meaningful conversations, and personal expression, I can’t stress enough how a peaceful morning can set the tone for a day filled with mutual respect and understanding. You’re not alone in this struggle. With some understanding, strategic steps, and a dash of patience, you can turn those stressful mornings into peaceful ones.

If you found these tips helpful and you’re eager to dive deeper into transforming your relationship with your teen, I’ve got something special for you. I invite you to watch my masterclass, Transform Your Teen. This masterclass is jam-packed within sights and actionable steps to help you connect with your teen on a whole new level.

Let’s do this together,