My Teenager Won’t Stop Lying

Your teenager keeps lying, and no matter what discipline or consequences you try, they refuse to fess up. After everything you’ve done for your teen—everything you’ve sacrificed—this is how they treat you? Here’s some insight and strategies to help you approach this very hurtful and difficult situation in a way that strengthens your relationship rather […]

Teenagers and Free Time

You watch them laying in their rooms, playing video games, or watching TV, yet when it comes to chores and homework, they swear they didn’t have time. As a parent coach, I regularly hear from parents who are frustrated with how their teenager spends (or doesn’t), their free time.  Your blood starts to boil and […]

4 Tips to Lower Anxiety

4 tips to lower anxiety

This year was going to be different. At least you were hoping it would be. Your teen is trying yet they’re already feeling anxious, and your stress level is rising remembering how hard last year was, and maybe the year before too. The arguing, yelling, nagging, reminding – trying to understand why your teen isn’t […]

Top tips for supporting your teen through anxiety

Imagine being trapped in a large dog crate in the corner of a dark room as water slowly starts to seep in. The frantic fear of believing you might drown yet not knowing how to call for help or express yourself is how overwhelming anxiety can feel. Whether your teen is developing anxious tendencies or […]