Here we go again…

“No, no no! Not the free for all of summer again!! That boredom leads to nothing but more internet time or bad choices while hanging out with friends.”

Your teen sees unlimited gaming/phone time, hanging out with friends, late nights, sleeping until the early afternoon and eating like crap as a welcome break to the oppressive structure of the school year.

Insert Braveheart's iconic "FREEEDOOOMMM!"

You see summer as an exhausting game of cat and mouse needing more monitoring than your mind can handle to keep your teen safe from all the risky choices that could have serious long-term consequences.

So you both armor up, ready to do the daily dance of asking questions with no clear answers or no response at all, nagging and reminding to do the basics while getting shoulder shrugs and eye rolls. Summer doesn’t have to feel like survival.

In this video I’ll share my strategies for:

1) having your teen help around the house and why they should care

2) setting reasonable summer curfews for going out and staying home on the internet

3) leaving your teen at home while you’re away without them destroying your possessions and their life

Your teens need for freedom and independence is as strong as your need to protect them. Finding the middle ground is the key and this video is the place to get started.

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If there’s more going on than just keeping your teen away from bad influences or wasting their life away this summer and you’d like my proven, 3-step framework I use in all my programs for FREE, click below to watch my masterclass today.

Cheers to surviving and thriving this summer!