How to motivate Your Teen to pass Summer School

As if this past school year wasn’t challenging enough, now your teen is facing summer school. Ugh! Despite your best efforts to get them to complete and hand in assignments, they failed a course (or two). It might seem like they got lazy, gave up, and stopped trying. But there’s hope! This WILL NOT happen […]

Setting Boundaries with Your Teen While Driving the Family Car

Your teen is learning to drive and wants to enjoy their new freedom but… … you’re not handing over the car keys just yet. Whether your teen is driving the family car, or their own, they need to understand it’s a privilege that comes with big consequences when not done right. You want to talk […]

Keeping your teen busy during summer

Ah, summer break 😎… … a time that should feel like a sunny stretch of leisure and relaxation. ☀️🏖️ Yet for parents of teens, it’s a niggling worry or anxiety.  And as they get older the risks feel higher. When the structured days of school take a pause, your teen alternates between acute boredom at […]

6 Essential Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation with Your Moody Teen

You’ve been eagerly awaiting your summer vacation as a much-needed escape from the daily grind and exhausting routine of school, homework, sports, driving, cleaning, etc., … …hold on a second! Your teenager seems less than thrilled about the family getaway, preferring to laze around, hang out with friends, and bury their face in their phone […]

I’m bored

Here we go again… “No, no no! Not the free for all of summer again!! That boredom leads to nothing but more internet time or bad choices while hanging out with friends.” Your teen sees unlimited gaming/phone time, hanging out with friends, late nights, sleeping until the early afternoon and eating like crap as a […]