If you think being a perfect parent feels hard, try being a teen. There’s a huge weight of measuring up that’s weighing them down even if you don’t see it on the outside.

So many teens feel like they’re climbing an impossible mountain that’s imposed upon them and even if they try they never get close to the top. The constant external expectations to be loved and please those around them LOWERS their internal motivation to get up and keep trying.

It’s fueling a mental health epidemic of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, disconnection, and behavior challenges.

When did life become a race your teen needs to win or they’re automatically a failure who needs punishing so they try harder, live up to their potential and stop being lazy, unmotivated and irresponsible?

And who determined the rules of the game that don’t fit everyone, let alone make sense?

In the words of 2 teenagers who wrote me just after I posted this video -“Why can’t I just live?”, and “I’m only 16 and feel exhausted by trying to be everything”.

In this video I’ll share:

1) my recent insight about needing to ‘get it right’ or win and how I’m feeling so much freer now

2) why constantly getting your teen to live up to who you believe they can be is sucking the joy from their life and your relationship

3) why this isn’t coddling or pandering and goes against the science of how the brain works + learns best

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There IS a balance between supporting your teen to be their best and raising an entitled brat! Watch the video above and be sure to leave a comment.

Showing your teen compassion makes more room for self-compassion too… just saying. And you’re both worth it.

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