After the dumpster fire of a pandemic school year and perhaps summer school, the LAST thing you want to think about is starting again 😩 Plugging ears and covering your eyes won’t help either.

What if you had simple tips you AND your teen could use to lower stress and frustration and build trust, respect and confidence?

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Back to school also means more time with peer groups and access or exposure to substance use including vaping and marijuana. This isn’t just for ‘bad parents’ or ‘bad kids’ either.

Adolescent substance use is on the rise and thinking your teen would never do that won’t help. The best defence is knowing the facts from an expert so you’re empowered to have meaningful conversations with your teen before you feel blindsided or heartbroken.

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Here are my top 12 tips for back to school success to empower you and your teen. Watch this and share it with your teen (along with every other parents you know), then pick which ones work best for you

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