My son didn’t make the team, and I was DEVASTATED!

  Quick note about my LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen ….It started yesterday, but you can still get in until 2pmPT today without missing anything. After that, there’s only regret and FOMO, and nobody wants those. Scroll to the bottom to register NOW! Last week I shared about […]

You can’t quit! It will ruin your life!

  You’re not raising a quitter! Your teen is going to learn what it means to see things through and not be irresponsible or willy nilly! Not to mention the money you’ve already paid and there’s no refunds. If they quit before they reach (fill in the blank) it will look terrible on their resume […]

The day I went on strike (and how you can to)

  If you want the goods without time to read (TL:DR), hit the button at the bottom ⬇️ I love my kids…until I didn’t because I felt so disrespected, taken for granted, and unappreciated. I felt resentful with a touch of rage. I didn’t want to be around them anymore and that broke my heart. […]

How to protect your teen from ‘bad influences’

  Having a child means wearing your heart outside your body for the rest of your life. It means you’ll feel every feeling they do, only more, and that gets exhausting and scary. The solution: keep them away from bad influences and anything that falls outside your value system or beliefs. Where does one buy […]

Secrets You AND Your Teen Need Before Heading to University

  Next Monday, I’ll be driving 18 hours over 2 days, deep into the Canadian prairies, taking our son to university for the first time. We’ve made the lists and bought the stuff (seriously, not sure how the 3 of us and his stuff are going to fit in our vehicle) to get him settled […]

12 Tips for Back to School Success

  After the dumpster fire of a pandemic school year and perhaps summer school, the LAST thing you want to think about is starting again 😩 Plugging ears and covering your eyes won’t help either. What if you had simple tips you AND your teen could use to lower stress and frustration and build trust, […]

10 Strategies for Conquering Summer School

As if this past school year wasn’t enough, now you’re dealing with summer school. UGH! In spite of your best efforts to get your teen up, completing and handing in assignments, they failed a course (or two). It’s like they got lazy, gave up and stopped trying. This WILL NOT happen again! You’ve laid down […]