Next Monday, I’ll be driving 18 hours over 2 days, deep into the Canadian prairies, taking our son to university for the first time. We’ve made the lists and bought the stuff (seriously, not sure how the 3 of us and his stuff are going to fit in our vehicle) to get him settled into residence before making the long drive home.

Honestly, that feels hard to write as the days count down and the reality sinks in. I can feel the tears in my throat.

My emotional mom brain is wondering how my 5lb ginger baby who loved to snuggle got to be 6ft tall and heading to university? The rational part is like, “Um, we’ve been waiting for this day since he stopped eating veggies at 6 months and refused to nap at 18 months! Do you remember the tantrums??!!”

It’s all a blur of memories and mixed emotions now.

I remember when I moved away to live in residence and attend college. It was the most exciting, empowering and freeing time in 18 years 4 months of life. Ok, I was 10% nervous about finding my classes on campus and managing a shared living space with people I’d never met.

Although I’ve had my own experience as a college student, I’ve never done this as a parent. I decided to ask young adults who’ve recently crossed this threshold and their top tips and things they wished they’d known to support my son and share with you.

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Going to University:

Living in residence:

I got my hands on a roommate agreement from a large university that I think EVERY student residence should use. Click here to see it.

I know this transition will feel harder for me than it will for my son, and I’m going to want to text or call him often. That might feel suffocating for him so negotiating times is more respectful and knowing his schedule may change with workload and sports. We plan to FaceTime over a few dinners and see how it goes from there.

When he’s having the time of his life and doesn’t reach out, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. It means he’s creating his own life which is the point. I’ll try to remember that in a few weeks.

If you’re walking this path too, please know you’re not alone.

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