Secrets You AND Your Teen Need Before Heading to University

Honestly, that feels hard to write as the days count down and the reality sinks in. I can feel the tears in my throat. My emotional mom brain is wondering how my 5lb ginger baby who loved to snuggle got to be 6ft tall and heading to university? The rational part is like, “Um, we’ve […]

12 Tips for Back to School Success

What if you had simple tips you AND your teen could use to lower stress and frustration and build trust, respect and confidence? Watch the full video below ⬇️ Back to school also means more time with peer groups and access or exposure to substance use including vaping and marijuana. This isn’t just for ‘bad parents’ […]

I’m the Parenting Expert on What She Said!

I’m so excited to share this podcast with you! I’m now the Parenting Expert and regular contributor on What She Said with Candace Sampson! In this episode, we’re talking about 2 key ways to support your teen in school. Pre-pandemic expectations aren’t going to fly for many teens as their learning style may not meet […]