12 Tips for Back to School Success

What if you had simple tips you AND your teen could use to lower stress and frustration and build trust, respect and confidence? Watch the full video below ⬇️ https://youtu.be/d2FKLTvgNOI?list=PLWfKd3Y5TEXZChIBaRsTMyGmI2LwbhyoP Back to school also means more time with peer groups and access or exposure to substance use including vaping and marijuana. This isn’t just for ‘bad parents’ […]

Navigating Teenage Substance Use

This is new territory for our generation of parents. You might have had access to some things as a teen and even tried a few, but it was on the down low and away from your parents. Do you remember seeing this ad on every channel all day? I’m guessing your teenager hasn’t seen that. […]

I just caught my teen (fill in the blank)

This is a tough one. You just caught your teen in a less than desirable situation. There’s a moment of shock and disbelief that takes your breath away. It’s painful, with a side of rage inducing anger. It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ was. The emotional process is the same and your relationship with your teen […]