Imagine you have a choice to:

1) act out in class, refuse to try or complete specific schoolwork, get in trouble all the time, be labeled the bad or stupid kid and struggle with social interactions, being clumsy and forgetful, feel shamed and criticized as your self-esteem takes a hit because your brain won’t seem to do what everyone else’s does…


2) You behave relatively within the lines in class, do your schoolwork to at least a minimum level, fly under the radar and avoid consistent shame and criticism, have at least 1-2 friends and go through the normal amount of teen insecurity.

Which would you pick?

Trust me when I say, option #1 is a much harder road and NO child or teen is choosing that over option #2, yet they’re continually treated that way.

I’m consistently shocked and disappointed at the lack of scientifically researched information parents have about ADHD and what it really is, or how it’s showing up in their teen. I find it even more upsetting that teachers and administration aren’t the ones with the most or latest information, so parents are fighting an uphill battle.

I’ll be the first to say teachers have a ridiculous load on their plates and not being fully informed while trying to educate ADHD teens is setting the teacher, the student, and the parent up to fail. That’s why I made today’s video.

Today I’ll explain:

1) How ADHD isn’t what you think and that’s preventing you from being the ally your teen needs

2) The keys to advocating for your teen to get the support they need with professionals who don’t understand the science of ADHD

3) How to set boundaries and teach life skills/healthy habits to an ADHD teen without it ruining your relationship

And bonus:

4) Why if your teen’s been diagnosed with ADHD, there’s a good possibility you have it too

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“Thank you for such life-changing information!!! I have a 13-year-old with ADHD and your talk today enlightened me more about his brain development than any book I’ve read or doctor I’ve consulted.”

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