Why is my teen so forgetful?

Why is my teen so forgetful

How did your teen get so lazy and self centred with selective hearing and poor memory? It’s in one ear and out the other! Them: “I forgot.” You: “No you didn’t. You just chose not to do it.”  Almost like they’re ignoring you on purpose. 🤔 They have selective hearing and forget simple things you […]

Why Smart Kids Struggle in School

You might think that smart kids have it all figured out, so there’s absolutely no excuse for declining attendance or grades. But, as someone who was identified as gifted in Grade 1, yet traded straight As for Fs by Grad 11, I can tell you it’s possible… …but not because I was unmotivated, lazy, irresponsible, […]

“You could focus if you wanted to”

Imagine you have a choice to: 1) act out in class, refuse to try or complete specific schoolwork, get in trouble all the time, be labeled the bad or stupid kid and struggle with social interactions, being clumsy and forgetful, feel shamed and criticized as your self-esteem takes a hit because your brain won’t seem […]