Breaking generational cycles with your teen, AND feeling happier and more fulfilled yourself, is exactly what parents in my programs experience.

“I will forever be grateful for you and your message. By listening to you, I became aware of some issues from my childhood that are impacting my marriage and parenting. I am now seeing a therapist, my marriage is on the mend and our parenting is in a much more positive place. You are changing our family tree to break the generational curses our parents and their parents struggled with. And I will forever be your biggest fan and thank the good Lord I was online the day a pediatrician recommended you!” – Kristy C.

It doesn’t start out that way.

Caring parents like Kristy start out feeling frustrated, defeated, heartbroken, and lost trying to motivate their teen, get them to care, say something, do something.

“My 13 year old shuts down and doesn’t respond to anything when confronted with bad grades or anything important. He stops looking at me and just shuts down and pretends not to hear me. Took to a therapist and he did the same thing there. Same when talking with teachers. What do I do with that??”

And this…

“I want be able to learn ways to break the cycle of parenting with control and when they don’t live up the expectations….”

Caring, courageous parents with good and loving intentions to help their teen find success by breaking the cycles of past generations. Unfortunately, intentions, resolve, or determination, they aren’t enough because that’s not how your brain unlearns and relearns new patterns of thinking and behaviour.

You’re running on willpower driven by fear and no matter what you try to reach your teen, support them through their struggles, or teach them basic responsibility, you’re exhausted and they’re not changing.

That’s how Kimberly felt until she enrolled in my signature program.

“Just popping on to find out where I claim my prize for following Aly’s directions & winning a chore battle of wills with my teen. She was directly and politely asked to unload the dishwasher before she went to bed early yesterday. She did not. In the past, I would have begrudgingly done it and been completely irritated. BUT NOT THIS TIME. Today, the dishes piled up in the sink while she was at school. She came to me later wanting to play a card game before she started her homework. I said I would love to after the dishwasher was unloaded as it was getting difficult to navigate the kitchen. She stomped off, completely angry & bothered. To which I replied with COMPLETE SILENCE! *gasp* I don’t even know who I am anymore! A few minutes later, she comes stomping back in, starts unloading and I offered to help her. *double gasp* She angrily says, No. Fine by me. I went to another room and whaddaya know…. the dishwasher is EMPTY! I thanked her. VICTORY IS MINE!! Thanks Aly… you’ve helped me break a cycle that would have resulted in slammed doors & shouting and likely a still full dishwasher. Xo” – Kimberly A. Z.

Here’s my proven 6 steps to break the cycle with lasting change:

1. Plunge – Daily immersion (15min) that matches your learning style (audio, reading, video, diagrams) in a proven system that aligns and builds over time.

Random content from 100 different sources (social, books, podcasts, etc.) that sometimes counteract each other create confusion for your teen

2. Processing – A safe environment to ask questions with expert guidance to deepen your understanding, uncovering old patterns and beliefs to shift your perspective. Plus a guided journal with prompts to lock in your learning.

Bouncing new information around in your head doesn’t shift your thinking or open new ideas because you’re the only one there! Learning in isolation is much slower without answers to your questions or the benefit of hearing what’s working for other parents in similar situations.

3. Practice – A safe, encouraging community to try new tools and build skills with greater consistency and confidence, plus expert guidance to personalize content to YOUR specific situation.

Throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks confuses your teen and gets you less of what you want, plus there’s no support or accountability to adjust and try again.

These first three steps happen simultaneously but if you don’t get these first ⬆️

The next three won’t matter ⬇️⬇️. Steps 4, 5 and 6 are linear so there’s no jumping ahead.

4. Awareness – Moving from knowing different after the fact to thinking different in real time requires consistency with #1 and #2 above. This shifts you from will power to integration which takes less effort.

❌ You’re likely to stop here out of frustration for ‘having known better’, beating yourself up for seeing old patterns after the fact when the opportunity for change has passed.

5. Action – Adding specific, proven tools of WHAT to do differently with your awareness of WHEN old patterns are showing up rewires your brain to create new habits and builds confidence. This requires consistency with #2 and #3 above.

❌ You’re likely to stop here because your teen isn’t instantly changing after a few tries. You blame the tools for being useless, your teen for being a lost cause, and question yourself as a parent even more.

6. Adapt– Your teen’s emotions and behaviour begin adjusting to your new approach now that you’ve developed consistency, and they trust this isn’t just a rouse to control or trap them.

You’ll stop here after experiencing a few wins without expert guidance to personalize tools for your situation as your teen pushes to find weak spots in your new ways.

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