My partner refuses to get on board

Imagine feeling fully supported by your partner while using similar strategies and aligned thinking to support your struggling teen to find their way. “I was going through a very rough patch with my son… His dad was ballistic, but I shared your videos and got him on board with staying curious and keeping the communication […]

The heartbreak of holidays with your teen

Got any plans with your teen for spring break? “She wants to talk to me, hang out with me, she’s laughing more, and even asking my advice.” – Nikki H. Over the holidays, I saw a lot of posts in my community from heartbroken, amazing, parents whose teenager or young adult had a very different […]

Why loving intentions aren’t enough

Breaking generational cycles with your teen, AND feeling happier and more fulfilled yourself, is exactly what parents in my programs experience. “I will forever be grateful for you and your message. By listening to you, I became aware of some issues from my childhood that are impacting my marriage and parenting. I am now seeing […]