Since when does your teen think it’s ok to speak to you so disrespectfully, be demanding, rude or even mean?

Oh, hell no, not in your house!

The spicy back talk years are one of the hardest stages of raising a teen. This human you’ve sacrificed so much for is intentionally trying to hurt you. At least that’s how it feels, so you react to get them back in line.

Except that escalates conflict and erodes communication.

You feel like it’s no-win situation between tolerating this nonsense and being the yelling parent full of consequences. Neither one works long term so you’re feeling a bit defeated.

There IS a middle ground that no one told you about…

In this video I’ll explain:

1. Why shutting your teen down is more about your fear of being a bad parent and only creates more disrespect.

2. Why trying to reason with your teen to stop talking like that is a waste of time, and it’s not because they aren’t intelligent.

3. Why creating emotional safety for your teen now means they’re empowered to regulate their emotions as an adult without exploding on or needing to control others.

You don’t have to be a doormat or raise a snowflake to experience mutual respect and genuine connection with your teen. Watch the video below!

If the disrespect and disconnection with your teen is getting worse no matter what you’ve tried, get my proven 3-step framework in my free masterclass today.

I believe in you.