Fighting without freaking your teen out

What do you feel or think when you hear the word conflict? For most people, that word creates a physical reaction like fear, avoidance, terror, shutting down or running away. Studies also show an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Run away! Run away!! Unfortunately, conflict is a key ingredient for all […]

My teen avoids ALL responsibility!

ARGH!! Not only are you annoyed and angry at your teen’s lack of motivation, effort and constantly avoiding basic responsibility, you’re worried you’re going to be supporting them their whole life because they’re failing to launch. Your feelings are real and normal!! I thought them too while raising my sons and it was hard to […]

“Where are your manners?!”

Since when does your teen think it’s ok to speak to you so disrespectfully, be demanding, rude or even mean? Oh, hell no, not in your house! The spicy back talk years are one of the hardest stages of raising a teen. This human you’ve sacrificed so much for is intentionally trying to hurt you. […]

Having ‘The Talk” With Your Teen

God and sex.  We went to church on Sundays, we just didn’t talk about God any other day. Based on results, there was sex at least twice (Exhibit A and B – my sister and I) but we didn’t talk about the birds and the bees either.  To my parent’s credit, studies show these are […]

I caught my boyfriend cheating on me

Laughter and was our thing. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe about silly things and I was intoxicated; feeling accepted, loved and free to talk about anything and everything. Sure, we partied and did stupid things too, but not more or less than I would’ve without him. Two years later we’d gotten serious and were […]

This is all YOUR fault!

“I hate you!” “If you loved me this wouldn’t happen!” When your teenager lashes out because all their problems and pain are your fault and now you’ve ruined their life, it’s heartbreaking. Ouch. It’s like stabbing a knife in your heart, twisting it around, ripping it out, and then driving over it a few times. […]

I’m Worried My Teen is Anti-Social

Even though your child was reserved when they were young, at least you had small conversations. Now you feel shut out and you’re worried about the long-term effects of their lack of social interaction. What if they’re struggling with their mental health? Your teen’s changing brain already has them in ‘dark mode’, needing more alone […]

My Teen’s Angry Outbursts Are Getting Scary

You have rough days and get frustrated too so you don’t expect your teen to be perfect. You’ve even caught yourself projecting your frustration and had to reign it in or apologize after. You’re human so it’s going to happen at some point. That makes it harder to understand why your teen’s anger is escalating. […]

You Missed a Spot

Are you good at gratitude? I don’t mean the #gratitude posts on your social streams, memes and gifs on your stories or quick thank you’s in passing while doing a million other things. I mean the deep breath in stillness, heartfelt, eyes closed or eye contact gratitude you feel in your body. When your life […]

4 Tips for Coping with Conflict Without Losing Your Sh$t

The last thing you want to do is upset the apple cart so you become ‘easy breezy mom/dad’ with covert enthusiasm. You know, the generally agreeable, cheery mom who slaps on a smile because forced and fake kindness is better than most alternatives? She doesn’t need to yell or nag because she can wrap almost […]