Not only are you annoyed and angry at your teen’s lack of motivation, effort and constantly avoiding basic responsibility, you’re worried you’re going to be supporting them their whole life because they’re failing to launch.

Your feelings are real and normal!!

I thought them too while raising my sons and it was hard to use my inside voice.

The problem gets significantly worse when your belief about why your teen is lazy becomes your truth, and you parent from that place in your words and actions.

In this video I’ll explain:

1. why what you see and judge as lazy has more to do with your fears than the science of the teen brain.

2. why believing your teen is lazy guarantees you’ll see more of that AND even make the situation worse.

3. why supporting your teen to get moving means challenging the out dating parenting beliefs you were raised with, NOT berating your teen until you’re their enemy.

Raising teens is hard, and there’s no training for this (world’s worst joke EVER)! It pushes you to your edge and challenges you in ways you never imagined.

Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Watch today’s video with key insights to quickly lower your stress and rebuild connection with your teen.

And a little secret I know is your teen doesn’t like the current situation either, even if you think they’re winning.

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