What if your teen did their schoolwork without the need for constant motivation?

“Yesterday, my teen had a full on meltdown after attempting challenging math homework that she is super behind and told me she will just give up and not even try. I tried the statements Aly taught me and left her alone. After dinner my daughter asked me “Is it okay if I don’t help with dishes, but I start my homework?” and I said “Good job for giving it another try. I am proud of you”. This is … a huge win and most importantly, I managed to feel good myself and more confident.”
 – S. H.

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Frustrated they don’t seem to understand the importance or gravity of failing so they’re blowing school off?

You’re not alone.

It’s mind boggling and seeing them fail is heartbreaking. Not to mention the frustration and disrespect that fills your brain after everything you’ve done to give them opportunities to succeed.

Nothing you’ve tried is motivating them to even do the bare minimum and you’re feeling lost, or about to blow.

In my latest video, I share three key strategies:

1) how your belief about ‘being a good parent’ is stopping you from being your teen’s best parent

2) why no longer trying isn’t the defiance you think it is

3) the 3 things your teen really needs to step up that you can use today to create change

If your teen is struggling or failing in school, you’re not a bad parent!! The tools you were given are outdated and it’s time for a serious upgrade.

“I … thanked him each time he did something I had asked. I … let him to do it his own time within reason and stopped the nagging and reminding …. he might not always listen or do what I asked but I’m praising when he does and focusing on that not what he hasn’t done…” – Jodie P.

Watch the video now and leave a comment with your thoughts and insights.

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