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What If You Could Have Respectful Conversations With Your Teen Without The Nagging Or Blow-Ups?

“I joined Aly’s 5-day live group and learned so much! I have always tried to be an active parent – reading parenting books and going to counseling to help and I feel I learned more in the 5 days spent with Aly than all those combined! She is so caring and knowledgeable! She helped me see the difference between boundaries and expectations and how my demanding parenting style (my words, not hers) is not working for us. By changing my mindset, my relationships with my daughters can change for the better.”

Sherry K.

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While you’d like to think the workload lightens when your kids become independent, the truth is, parenting in the teen years feel harder (enter frustration, exhaustion or feeling hopeless). I know how defeating it feels to give everything and feel unappreciated, disrespected, and heartbroken. I questioned my value as a parent and was sure I was failing.

My LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship With Your Teen, was created from my own trials as a mom of teen boys, ‘aunt’ to many teen girls, and years of experience as a Relationship Coach supporting families just like yours. This challenge is the fastest, simplest way to move from feeling like you’re walking on eggshells to a respectful and more connected relationship with your teen.

When you’re feeling stressed, anything new can feel hard. That’s why I’m personally walking you through simple steps and tools that will make a big difference in your relationship with your teen. Daily sessions are short and sweet, focusing on one specific area of parenting so you get the most value for just $25!

Topics include:

“Aly Pain is extremely engaging, knowledgeable and to the point. Every piece of information said or written is vital. Finally someone who knows how to handle the generation of today and get results as well as understanding. Thank you!”

Kasia R.

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How it Works

When: January, 2024
Where: In the private community (you’ll get the link after you register)
What: Each day’s content will be posted in the private community prior to the videos for you to read or download as necessary (you’ll get a reminder email too)
Who: You, me, and other caring and courageous parents experiencing similar challenges who want a more respectful relationship with their teen
Up to 5 hours of Parent Coaching with me, including downloads, worksheets and exclusive content – $1250 value

Cost: $25. You read that right. 5 Days for just $25!!
There’s no missing a day or getting behind! The videos and tools will be available in the private Facebook Group for  30 days, so go at your own pace. You ARE a great parent and you DO have what it takes.


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Who is the best fit for this challenge - 5 Days to a Better Relationship with your teen?

The parents who benefit the most are…

… wanting more genuine connection while still being the parent, willing to try new things without expecting a quick fix, open to seeing your teen in a new way and supporting them to find success on their terms.

When can I access the program?

Right after you register, your welcome email will arrive with a link and instruction video to get you into the private Facebook group quickly. You’ll have access to the content for 30 days after the last day of the program. 

What makes this program different from all the others out there?

This isn’t theory or fluff. In this challenge you’ll get my top 5 powerful, simple tools you can instantly start using with your teen to lower stress and improve communication.

Can my partner or co-parent take the program too?

Absolutely! I highly encourage both parents to participate as a team in this process. You’ll access the content in the private Facebook group through one of your Facebook profiles, or you can both register and each have your own access.

How long do I have to finish the program?

You have 30 days access to all content (videos and downloads) so there’s no need to rush or stress out about falling behind.

Is this program the same as your free social media posts?

No. The content in the 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen is exclusive and not found anywhere else.

What if I’m not happy with the program?

There are no refunds for this program after the time of registration.