Setting Boundaries with Your Teen While Driving the Family Car

Your teen is learning to drive and wants to enjoy their new freedom but… … you’re not handing over the car keys just yet. Whether your teen is driving the family car, or their own, they need to understand it’s a privilege that comes with big consequences when not done right. You want to talk […]

Keeping your teen busy during summer

Ah, summer break 😎… … a time that should feel like a sunny stretch of leisure and relaxation. ☀️🏖️ Yet for parents of teens, it’s a niggling worry or anxiety.  And as they get older the risks feel higher. When the structured days of school take a pause, your teen alternates between acute boredom at […]

How to stop sibling rivalry

You’ve raised your children to be kind and considerate to each other… … and in spite of their differences, they behaved like normal siblings for years. As teens they treat each other like mortal enemies and say really hurtful, mean things. Words that hurt YOUR feelings and break your heart. 💔 “All they do is […]

How to calm your emotional teen

As a parent of tweens or teens, you’ve likely experienced their reactivity, mood swings, and outbursts that seem to come out of nowhere. The increased hormones are new territory, with all day complaining and emotional roller coasters. When your previous soothing approaches aren’t working, it’s normal to feel lost in this journey because patience alone […]

Why is my teen so forgetful?

Why is my teen so forgetful

How did your teen get so lazy and self centred with selective hearing and poor memory? It’s in one ear and out the other! Them: “I forgot.” You: “No you didn’t. You just chose not to do it.”  Almost like they’re ignoring you on purpose. 🤔 They have selective hearing and forget simple things you […]

Motivating your teen to study for exams

What if your teen did their schoolwork without the need for constant motivation? “Yesterday, my teen had a full on meltdown after attempting challenging math homework that she is super behind and told me she will just give up and not even try. I tried the statements Aly taught me and left her alone. After […]