YOU: “My teen is being bullied and I don’t know what to do”

There’s more to supporting your teen through this awful experience than going after someone else’s child, even if that feels better in the short term.

Advocating for your teen and being their safe ally to share and process their experience, feelings, and pain is key to creating the change and healing they need to move forward.

Unfortunately, it takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. This might mean you getting support to process your own feelings too.

In this video I’ll explain:

1) the exact steps I tell parents to take with teachers and administrators

2) why being your teen’s emotional ally is equally important to keeping them safe

3) why your teen is ruminating on their pain and not willing to see a therapist

Watch the video now!

Bullying is pervasive and, in many ways, condoned simply by the lack of action and response by those in authority because it’s inconvenient to deal with. That doesn’t mean you and your teen are powerless.

Get my proven framework for being your teen’s emotional ally in my free masterclass now. No one deserves to be bullied or feel emotionally unsafe. I stand with you.

Let’s do this together.