Is coparenting giving your teen whiplash?

This isn’t something I’ve walked through personally, and I won’t pretend or claim to know the challenges stacked on top of parenting teens. I’ve walked through this with a dozen close friends, and I want to share some of what worked. You didn’t begin your marriage planning for it to end, or believing you’d be […]

Prom, parties and an emergency plan

Your teen asks to go out with friends, so naturally you mine for basic details to make sure you’re on the same page. Although, they tolerate your annoying need for seemingly unimportant information, they share what they know (along with a few eye rolls) just to escape the house. That’s all good and well for […]

7 Tips to Help Your Teen Clean Their Room

You’re likely wondering at what point your teen thought this ok? From the dirty dishes, leftover food, drink containers, dirty clothes, to the scattered garbage and more, this is a disgusting disaster! You’ve offered to help, you’ve threatened, set consequences, all the things, and none of that’s working so you keep cycling from resentment, to […]

Everything Changed When My Teen Met ‘Them’

Your teen wasn’t like this before: angry, disrespectful, sneaking out, avoiding you like the plague and hiding in their room on video chat every waking moment. You don’t know who they are but there’s more to this than an adolescent brain renovation. Now your teen is checking off risky behaviours and bad habits like it’s […]

You don’t LEARN to parent, you just know

Imagine when you’re born, you automatically had the necessary skills to be an amazing parent with a short learning curve. Things like feeding your baby, changing diapers, teaching them to talk and ride a bike. Badda bing, badda boom, you’re off to the races! You weren’t taught, you learned. From the time you were born, […]

Are you done yet? How about now?

This is one of the greatest frustrations I hear from parents. Let’s set the scene: You’re sitting at the table as you family finishes eating dinner. You set down your cutlery, make eye contact with your teen and say, “(NAME), you’re on dishes tonight, ok?” Maybe you’re asking or it was already their turn and […]

The proven secret to keeping your teen away from risky behaviour

Imagine this – You just found out your teen is trying to buy weed, vaping, drinking, skipping school, etc., and you need to shut that down RFN! Your fear of losing your teen to substance use is valid and real. The need to keep your teen safe takes over and drives you to one solution […]

Is your teen looking for love in all the wrong places

This one hit close to home. My intention in sharing my vulnerable experience as a promiscuous teen is to help you to better understand your own teen, take the steps your teen needs to create change, and shake off more of my own shame story and deep sadness around this chapter in my life. Park […]

Top tips for supporting your teen through anxiety

Imagine being trapped in a large dog crate in the corner of a dark room as water slowly starts to seep in. The frantic fear of believing you might drown yet not knowing how to call for help or express yourself is how overwhelming anxiety can feel. Whether your teen is developing anxious tendencies or […]

Don’t talk to me like that

Your teen is full of big emotions and things to say, and you want to hear their thoughts and feelings, but come on! Are you just supposed to let them get away with that disrespect? I get it. So where’s the line? (Psst! Scroll down to be included in my FREE offer!) Remember when your […]