How to be a fun mom

Do you ever wish you had Dr. Phil in your head when you were parenting so you knew exactly what and how to say the right things in his firm but kind way, so it got through to your teen and they took you seriously, then actually changed their behaviour? But instead, you sound wishy […]

My teenager hates me

If your teen is annoyed no matter how hard you try, read this! It’s hard to take. Your teen’s words don’t just hurt, they cut you to your core. You’re willing to give them a little leeway but it also pulls at your parenting instincts to know they’re hurting, especially when there’s likely something you […]

The secret to taming your teen’s rude, back talk

Has puberty stolen your sweet child and exchanged them for a rude, back talking and defiant stranger? I mean, since when is that ok?! You’re not alone. Caring parents share this concern with me every day. I know you just want some easy, open conversations like your friendly child used to have with you. The […]