If your teen is annoyed no matter how hard you try, read this!

It’s hard to take.

Your teen’s words don’t just hurt, they cut you to your core.

You’re willing to give them a little leeway but it also pulls at your parenting instincts to know they’re hurting, especially when there’s likely something you can do about it. I mean, that’s what a good parent would do, right?

Well, giving your teen some room to be spicy are part of their brain development and teaching them it’s ok to taking their emotions out on you are two different things.

If you believe you’re 100% responsible for your teen’s feelings, it isn’t going to help. In fact, it’s going to make this situation worse!

In today’s video I’ll share exactly
1) how to know if this is what you’re doing
2) what you can do instead to stop feeling so beaten down (there’s another way, I promise!)
3) the thinking needed to create a real and lasting solution AKA a kinder, respectful connection with your teen.

Parenting teens is HARD. You don’t have to do it alone.