Do you ever wish you had Dr. Phil in your head when you were parenting so you knew exactly what and how to say the right things in his firm but kind way, so it got through to your teen and they took you seriously, then actually changed their behaviour?

But instead, you sound wishy washy like Marg (Simpsons) or Kitty (that 70’s show)and by trying not to be mean, your teen doesn’t listen or take you seriously. Your resentment is building and you’re grumbling through gritted teeth or close to losing your sh!t.

I did that.

I wanted my kids to have a very different experience than I had growing up so I aimed for easy breezy, fun mom but it only got me more of what I didn’t want.

In today’s video I’ll share
1) What’s stopping you before you even start
2) The HUGE mindset shift I had to make to create the relationship I wanted with my teens
3) The #1 mistake parents make in trying to change the way they approach their teens (I did it too)
4) Why you hold the key to becoming Fun Mom, they don’t

I’m not doctor Phil, but I feel confident and calmer than when I was pretending I was ok and bottling up my resentment.

If you want to make this shift too, click the link above and leave your insights or comments so we can connect.

I believe in you,