Has puberty stolen your sweet child and exchanged them for a rude, back talking and defiant stranger? I mean, since when is that ok?!

You’re not alone. Caring parents share this concern with me every day.

I know you just want some easy, open conversations like your friendly child used to have with you. The ones where they’d share their thoughts, feelings and curiosity about the world and listen intently to your input and advice.

Now, your teen’s sass-o-meter is maxing out by breakfast and their version of listening is an eyeroll and escaping to their room.

So, what if

1) the one strategy you’re using to tame your teen’s tongue is creating more of what you don’t want, AND setting up a frustrating pattern?
2) And the belief that’s driving your strategy is the key to changing this?

In today’s video I’ll explain why what you’re doing escalates your teen, and what they really want (and need) from you to create more calm and respectful conversations right away.

Let’s do this!