These are the things I say when my teen does something outside of our family values, the person I think they are, and the person I want them to be.

“What were you thinking?!!”
“Why did you do that?!”
“You didn’t do what I asked!”

It’s ok to feel frustrated and flabbergasted by your teen’s choices…

…but what if you’re unconsciously shaming them in your loving efforts to raise a good human?

It can be subtle or overt and your teen might be perceiving your well-intended correction as shame that’s negatively impacting their self-confidence and resilience.

Over time, you try harder and harder to motivate them into action, or just doing the bare minimum, yet they try less and less.

In this video I’ll share:

1) My definition of shame and how it likely shaped some of your childhood.

2) 3 ways shaming might be showing up in your parenting without realizing it.

3) The one proven strategy (and script) to reduce shame and raise a confident, resilient adult.

Before you go shaming yourself for not knowing this or getting it wrong…. STOP!

Change begins with awareness so watch this video with compassion and post your comments.

“That was surprising, I didn’t think shame was what was happening, but yes, I see it now.”

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Let’s do this together,