Why motivating teens to care about school isn’t working

Navigating the choppy waters of teenage education can feel like steering a ship through a storm, especially when your teen seems disengaged and unmotivated at school. I’m Allie Payne, a certified life coach and relationship systems coach, and I’ve walked this path myself. From being a straight-A student to battling with my own academic performance, […]

Are you raising a lazy teen?

Ugh! It’s just easier to do it yourself, right? Having raised two sons, I know how frustrating and defeating it feels trying to get your teen to care or help with even the most basic task. Sometimes, it IS just easier (and faster) to do it yourself.  However, continuing to enable your teen by overcompensating sets them […]

Most days I was barely breathing

Happy New Year! Is it just me or does seeing and writing 2-0-2-4 feel futuristic? I mean, I remember when…. Good grief I’m getting old! 😂😬 Thank God I’m never too old to grow, learn, and heal. TLDR; scroll down to register for my LIVE Masterclass January 17th! I talk about emotional regulation a lot […]