Mom! I can’t pause the game!

You want your teen to connect with friends and collaborate in meaningful activities that build communication and team dynamics, but do they have to it from different homes while YELLING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!! Wasn’t that the point of wearing a headset so you didn’t need to? PEW! PEW! PEW! The constant nagging […]

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences You’ve tried soft love, tough love, punishment, discipline, and consequences. Seriously, what’s left? It’s like trying to put a screaming toddler in a timeout after they go completely limp. You have no leverage. Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do. You’ve watched the videos, read the […]

Why consequences don’t change behavior

  🤩 You’ve done the work to get clear on what’s important to you to set reasonable boundaries 🤩 You’ve had conversations with your teen to clearly communicate your boundaries so they understand your values and beliefs behind them. 🤩 You’ve decided on and communicated reasonable consequences so your teen knows what to expect should […]