One of the biggest frustrations I hear from parents is, “my teen doesn’t respect my boundaries”, or “I tried setting boundaries, but it didn’t work”.

That frustration leads to the next one – “I tried setting consequences, but my teen keeps (fill in the blank)”, “my teen doesn’t care about consequences so now what do I do?”, and lastly, “What consequences do I set for (fill in the blank)?”

It’s not you.

Unfortunately, you’re likely using what you learned were boundaries and consequences but really, those are expectations, commands and controls which create more defiance, disrespect, and disconnection.

The good news is, I’ve helped thousands of caring and courageous parents just like you to clearly understand what boundaries and consequences actually are and how to use them to lower conflict and improve communication and connection, so you need less consequences.

Sounds too good to be true?

Last month Casey O’Roarty hosted me on her Joyful Courage Podcast and we went deep into boundaries and consequences to unpack why what you learned doesn’t work and how to make the shift with specific examples and scripts.

Click on the link below that works best for you and end the cycle of disrespect to create more calm and connection with your teen.

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