Mom! I can’t pause the game!

PEW! PEW! PEW!  The constant nagging to get your teen to prioritize their time or energy into literally anything else feels like pushing a boulder uphill. When you ask for the simplest things with reasonable notice, you get snapped at or perhaps more annoying…  “Mom! I can’t pause the game!”  Your life doesn’t have a […]

Are You Teaching Your Teen About Money

That’s what a ‘good’ parent does. As a tween, your child’s becoming more independent and doing things with friends, so you offer ‘fun money’ to grab a slurpee, coffee or whatever the treat of the day is. You rework your budget for increased costs in food consumption, activities, pursuing passions, and replacing outgrown clothing. Where’s […]

The Year I Never Wanted For My Daughter

“As a child of the system, including adoption where I was worse off than where I started, I endured physical abuse, emotional manipulation, and sexual molestation. I worked hard to heal and grow, providing my own children with the emotional health and stability I never had. Somewhere along the line I got off track with […]

Its Just Easier To Do It Myself

However, continuing to enable your teen by overcompensating sets them and their future relationships up to fail.  Whoa! That’s a little harsh!  Hear me out.  Everything you do for your teen now is showing them what’s normal and what to expect in future relationships whether that’s a roommate at college or a future partner. The […]

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do.  You’ve watched the videos, read the posts, followed the steps, and it’s NOT WORKING! Nothing fazes them and they’re not changing. You’ve tried conversations, sharing your beliefs, and discussing why your teen’s behaviour isn’t working. Still nothing.  You’re at your wits end, feeling defeated and frustrated.  […]

Why can’t you be more like (fill in the blank)?

An orange and a lemon. Both fruit. So they should be the same, right? Wrong. The orange is sweeter and rounder. The lemon is tart and has pointy ends. So why would we judge and condemn these for their differences and expect them to be the same? When they’re on the receiving end of […]

Because I Said So! “Because I said so” is a dismissive cop-out if your teenagers being a bit disrespectful with you, because that was the answer you came up with, you kind of had it coming. If your boss said that to you, you wouldn’t like it either, because I said so is a power and control move. […]