Sending my son hundreds of miles away to university was HARD! Like leaving part of my heart there as I snot cried on the way home.

So of course, when he came home for the summer, I cried tears of joy while hugging and kissing him at the airport (thankfully he doesn’t mind and just stands there laughing until I’m done).


Just like any relationship, there’s a honeymoon phase. You know, when you want to go out of your way to help your teen because you’re so happy they’re home, and are willing to overlook the basic tasks they aren’t doing?

Until it wears off.

Soon enough, the dirty dishes left in the sink, the wrappers and cutlery found in their room, the yelling while online gaming with friends, taking over your living room, asking to take your car, maybe asking for money, grates on your nerves like the needle scratching across your favourite record that’s now skipping at the end of the grooves.

You feel like you’ve time travelled back to teaching your teen basic life skills because you aren’t the maid. How did this magically leave their brain?

In this week’s video, I’ll share:

1) Why living together now isn’t the fairy tale you had in mind and stewing in resentment won’t help.

2) Why failing to set boundaries while they’re home, is setting your young adult up to fail.

3) My top secrets to getting them to ‘act their age’ without yelling or nagging.

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Here’s to a great summer AND sanity,