This is my cheeky infomercial for a fictional product called Better Boundaries. I made it one night after hearing my fill of people complaining about their relationships and how exhausted they were, without understanding how to change their experience.

Imagine you could fix your relationships problems with a pill or paste!

All your relationship problems would be fixed, and you’d never have to create awareness, learn new skills, or try new behaviours. You’d get to keep your stories about being nice AND have people read your mind. Guess what? That movie hasn’t been made yet and I wouldn’t hold your breath.

You’d better buy in bulk because when that stuff wears off, it won’t be pretty.

The truth is boundaries ARE real and they DO work. When you understand what works and what doesn’t in your relationships, you’re better equipped to share that without requiring others to read your mind. Now the only thing stopping you is feeling like a meany and being terrified to hurt someone’s feelings.

Resentment got your knickers in a knot?

You know, that deep and festering frustration that has you reaching for someone’s throat in a chokehold. Wait! Sanitize first ?

Don’t let that resentment escape through your clenched and polished teeth or leave your moisturized, sun-kissed lips. What would your friends say if you lost your cool? Goodbye PTA President nomination ?

Introducing my ALL NEW Better Boundaries. The proven method for you to have real friends and require less rage relief. It’s easy! Simply start with NO – that powerful little word that’s the new ingredient in my ALL NEW Better Boundaries formula.

Sprinkle a little in every conversation before you chokehold someone and follow it by asking for what you want or need. Your friends and family will be following in line in no time. And you will be smiling inside with better boundaries.

You become the person you most admire, have more fun doing what you enjoy with people who don’t annoy you. Better Boundaries – available anytime, anywhere.

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