I took my teens phone. Now what?

Picture this….. While picking your teen up from school, you ask, “How was your day?” Your Teen: “OMG! Why are you so nosey!” Taking a deep breath, you drive home in tense silence. Inside the house, you say, “Please put your clothes away like I asked.” Your teen: “Ffft. Why does it matter? They’re already […]

Fix your relationships without the work!

Imagine you could fix your relationships problems with a pill or paste! All your relationship problems would be fixed, and you’d never have to create awareness, learn new skills, or try new behaviours. You’d get to keep your stories about being nice AND have people read your mind. Guess what? That movie hasn’t been made […]

Clean your room or else!

I’ve said it, and I’m sure you have too. That moment of frustration when you just want your darling child to do as you’re asking before you lose your sh*t like Sigourney Weaver birthing the alien. You’ve asked your teen nicely a few times to clean their room and each time you get, “Ya, mom” […]