Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Parents: “Where are you going?” Me: “We’re all meeting at Jackie’s then hanging out.” Parents: “Doing what?” Me: “Hanging out! Just sitting around and talking.” Parents: “Ok, well, be home by 11:30pm.” Me: “Ok” (eye rolling, frustrated, annoyed and knowing full well I wasn’t coming home on time). My friend’s all lived in walking distance […]

The Hidden Price of Forcing Family Time with Your Teen

You know you have a limited number of days before your teen leaves home so you’re trying to maintain some family structure and quality time while you have it. You’ve read the studies showing the more connected teens are the less likely they are to participate in risky behaviours so family time is happening no […]

10 Strategies For Conquering Summer School

Now your teen is starting summer school and already seeing the pattern that’s going to create more of the same, a total lack of motivation or responsibility. We’re NOT doing this again! You’ve laid down the law so your teen understands this isn’t a joke or dress rehearsal. You’ve limited or removed all technology time, […]

6 Tips to Survive Family Vacation with Your Teen

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same enthusiasm as you do. Your teen is grumpy because they’d rather do nothing, hang out with friends and be on their phones/gaming all night and this family vacation is cramping their summer style. You literally just want to smack them upside the head because of their selfish, negative attitude […]

Boundaries – They are not what you think

The truth is that style of parenting creates insecurity, anxiety, codependence, and even trauma without higher and higher levels of control. Perhaps the same ones you’re trying on your teen that are fueling conflict and disconnection right now. “I turned out just fine!” You haven’t worked this hard to get this far and you’re not […]

This is not a hotel

Your home seemed oddly quiet and their quirky, sometimes annoying habits now felt endearing. You missed their voice and weird sayings, seeing their face as they dashed from the door to their room, and worried if they’d be ok on their own. Would they remember what to do in the little situations with the life […]

Is coparenting giving your teen whiplash?

You didn’t begin your marriage planning for it to end, or believing you’d be co-parenting with a person you once called spouse. This isn’t about blame, shame, or judgement in any way. I believe you made the best choice for you and your kids. That doesn’t make it easy. Unfortunately, your co-parent may have entirely […]

Prom, parties and an emergency plan

That’s all good and well for the day-to-day comings and goings of your teen’s active social life. Then junior and senior years come along and the stakes get higher. The bigger the event, the more you feel gripped by fear and launch into a million questions from your mental, multi-page check list to see if […]

7 Tips to Help Your Teen Clean Their Room

You’ve offered to help, you’ve threatened, set consequences, all the things, and none of that’s working so you keep cycling from resentment, to angry, to blowing your top and still, nothing changes. The state of your teen’s room has become such a sore spot you’re not speaking, and if you do, it’s short and infused […]

Everything Changed When My Teen Met ‘Them’

Now your teen is checking off risky behaviours and bad habits like it’s a speed race, using vapes, weed, drinking, swearing, etc. Even their face is different. They don’t value school or their activities anymore, have isolated from their friends and are being sucked into a vortex like in a trace you can’t seem to […]