My Teenager Won’t Stop Lying

Your teenager keeps lying, and no matter what discipline or consequences you try, they refuse to fess up. After everything you’ve done for your teen—everything you’ve sacrificed—this is how they treat you? Here’s some insight and strategies to help you approach this very hurtful and difficult situation in a way that strengthens your relationship rather […]

Teenagers and Free Time

You watch them laying in their rooms, playing video games, or watching TV, yet when it comes to chores and homework, they swear they didn’t have time. As a parent coach, I regularly hear from parents who are frustrated with how their teenager spends (or doesn’t), their free time.  Your blood starts to boil and […]

4 Tips to Lower Anxiety

4 tips to lower anxiety

Your teen is trying yet they’re already feeling anxious, and your stress level is rising remembering how hard last year was, and maybe the year before too. The arguing, yelling, nagging, reminding – trying to understand why your teen isn’t completing their homework, handing in assignments, or refusing to attend classes. Is it really that […]

My Teen is Out of Control

You’ve tried everything, yet it feels like your teenager is spiraling out of control. You have no idea what your next move is, and you’re scared.  In my decades as a parent coach and relationship expert, I’ve heard this countless times from mental health to substance use, school refusal and more. Below are three stories […]

12 Tips for Back to School Success

12 Tips for Back to School Success blog

The stress, anxiety and overwhelm teens experience from struggling to understand the content, feeling terrified of, or hating a teacher, the social anxiety and managing relationships, and the weight of expectations to perform and achieve to feel like enough or valuable is too much. So why bother? For parents it’s the nagging to wake your […]

How To Build Trust With Your Teenage

Trust is earned!

Did you grow up hearing, “trust is earned”? How about “trust is a two-way street”? On the surface, these statements seem pretty harmless, right?  Yet, if you drill down a bit, these phrases contradict one another. Telling your teenager they need to “earn” your trust before they can receive yours in return, sounds like a […]

7 Tips To Teach Your Teen to Self-Advocate

7 Steps to helping your teen speak up (Instagram Post (Square))

When teens aren’t supported and mentored to develop self-advocacy because you shut it down as sass, back talk, rudeness and disrespect, they’re forced to bottle up their emotions leading to hopelessness, powerlessness, isolation, depression, and anxiety.  Unfortunately, you can’t simply “command” or “prod” your teen into learning and expecting them to get it right the […]

Two Secrets to Getting Your Teen to do What You Asked

How to end the nagging and reminding with your teen

Nagging Never Works… Nagging and reminding your teen about every little thing is exhausting and your teen hates it too! It’s even been scientifically proven NOT to work and create LESS productivity.  Studies have shown when leaders nagged and reminded people to complete tasks, believing they were lazy and needed constant prodding to get anything […]

Why Are You Always So Negative

“All we need is a Little Patience” – Guns & Roses First things first, I’ve got some bad news. There’s no way to “fix” this. No amount of discipline, punishment or consequences is going to have your teen become a happy-go-lucky child who loves life and everything in it so you enjoy being around them […]

Teaching Your Teen Self Care

The first thing that you need to know: you can’t control what your teenager is going to do. You can certainly try to, but it’s not going to work in the long-run. What you can do is teach them how to listen to their body. Once they’re in tune with their body, they’ll be better […]