Teens + Social Media + The Internet 😳

  There’s few bigger parenting nightmares or Pandora’s boxes than the smartphone. It’s the gateway to all evil, right?! Just because you didn’t grow up with it doesn’t make it wrong. Your fear, however well founded, is not your teenager’s fault. Let’s not forget which generation invented the smartphone and many of the ‘evil’ apps […]

My Teen Is Up All Night and Sleeps All Day 😤

It’s summer and you’re excited about the warmer weather, this pandemic winding down and enjoying some vacation time with a cold bevy and your feet up in a lounge chair. However, the thought of 8 weeks of nagging your teen to get up and out of their room, off their phones/gaming, complete chores, be productive […]

10 Strategies for Conquering Summer School

As if this past school year wasn’t enough, now you’re dealing with summer school. UGH! In spite of your best efforts to get your teen up, completing and handing in assignments, they failed a course (or two). It’s like they got lazy, gave up and stopped trying. This WILL NOT happen again! You’ve laid down […]

6 Tips to Survive Your Summer Vacation with Your Teen

  You’ve worked hard for this vacation and are so looking forward to some time away from the stress and monotony of your regular routine. Especially after more than a year of many and ever-changing pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same enthusiasm as you do. Your teen is grumpy because they’d rather do […]