Why Are You Being Difficult

It’s hard not to take it personally.  Feelings of rejection are normal and giving yourself space to grieve the person you knew and relationship you had is important, so your pain doesn’t become retaliation. Your teen’s brain is fundamentally changing so there’s no going back.  They’re not trying to be difficult; they’re going through something […]

I Still Have Nightmares About This

If you were compliant, whether from fear or free will, you had the privilege of being in the safe majority with your parents. If you disagreed with your parents or were defiant, you understood the shame and loneliness of dissention.  What side were your parents on?  Were they ‘law abiding citizens’ who did what they […]

Mom! I can’t pause the game!

PEW! PEW! PEW!  The constant nagging to get your teen to prioritize their time or energy into literally anything else feels like pushing a boulder uphill. When you ask for the simplest things with reasonable notice, you get snapped at or perhaps more annoying…  “Mom! I can’t pause the game!”  Your life doesn’t have a […]