“You could focus if you wanted to”

Imagine you have a choice to: 1) act out in class, refuse to try or complete specific schoolwork, get in trouble all the time, be labeled the bad or stupid kid and struggle with social interactions, being clumsy and forgetful, feel shamed and criticized as your self-esteem takes a hit because your brain won’t seem […]

When Teens Push Back: How to Set Boundaries Your Teen Will Actually Follow

This is one of the most frustrating things for parents who are truly trying to use healthy relationship tools to guide and direct their teenager yet end up feeling more frustrating and seeing little to no change. It’s okay to feel at a loss about this! I admire and respect your courage for wanting to […]

12 Tips for Back to School Success

12 Tips for Back to School Success blog

The stress, anxiety and overwhelm teens experience from struggling to understand the content, feeling terrified of, or hating a teacher, the social anxiety and managing relationships, and the weight of expectations to perform and achieve to feel like enough or valuable is too much. So why bother? For parents it’s the nagging to wake your […]

Everything Changed When My Teen Met ‘Them’

Now your teen is checking off risky behaviours and bad habits like it’s a speed race, using vapes, weed, drinking, swearing, etc. Even their face is different. They don’t value school or their activities anymore, have isolated from their friends and are being sucked into a vortex like in a trace you can’t seem to […]

When your teen doesn’t care about consequences

Your teen doesn’t care no matter what you do.  You’ve watched the videos, read the posts, followed the steps, and it’s NOT WORKING! Nothing fazes them and they’re not changing. You’ve tried conversations, sharing your beliefs, and discussing why your teen’s behaviour isn’t working. Still nothing.  You’re at your wits end, feeling defeated and frustrated.  […]

My Teen Is Up All Night and Sleeps All Day

However, the thought of 8 weeks of nagging your teen to get up and out of their room, off their phones/gaming, complete chores, be productive and stay out of trouble sucks the fun out of summer before you’ve even said hello to your favorite shorts and flip flops. Every summer it’s the same. In fact, […]

10 Ways to Boost Your Teen’s Confidence

Your teen isn’t light and happy anymore. Whether your teen is riding the new emotional rollercoaster as a typical teenager, feeling low and going through a bit of a rough patch, or you’re watching them go dark and getting worried. Sometimes you know why – a change in schools, a change to online schooling, a […]

Peer Pressure and the Price of Fitting In

‘If your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?’ How many times did you hear your parents ask you that after being caught doing something they deemed brainless? The power of the pack made you do it. Literally. As a teenager, did you do something you didn’t really want to, something […]

Apathy is a coping strategy

My heart felt so heavy I cried. Last week I reached my limit reading posts like the one above (edited for anonymity). I respond to as many as I can, but I feel like I’m yelling into a vacuum and parents aren’t willing to hear or understand the real issue. If your teen is struggling […]