Change, The Couch And Sheldons Spot

Are you flexible during times of change or do you dig in your heels and stay stuck in your old ways? While there are many times when, as an entrepreneur, being fixed and firm, and sticking with your original goals and daily schedule is the key to moving forward, there are other times when change […]

Using Leadership Styles To Create The Best Teams

Thinking of stacking your leadership team to go for the big win? It’s a tempting tactic to stack your leadership team with similar styles, especially when a particular style is well suited for your industry or business. But it isn’t a strong long-term team building strategy. Working to understand your leadership style so you understand […]

Understanding and Leveraging Your Leadership Style

What is your leadership style? Are you a get-it-done type or a caring, relationship builder? Are you touchy feely, go-with-your gut person or a cautious, information gatherer? Are you direct, often interpreted as blunt, or more emotional, viewed as wishy-washy? Knowing your leadership style is important to your success in both your business and personal […]

Capitalizing On The Mistakes Of Others:

Should you capitalize on the mistakes of others or should you ignore the obvious opportunity to grow your business because it’s at the expense of another? It’s a question most entrepreneurs will encounter at one point in the growth of their business. It may seem opportunistic and even callous to take advantage of other peoples’ […]

The Importance of Corporate Values

Your corporate values are the sum of the top 4 or 5 personal values you and your leadership team hold. Similar values add strength to an organization, creating alignment and synergy while conflicting ones take away, often manifesting as internal conflict and ‘problem employees’. How do your corporate values add up? It’s important to remember […]

Leadership Challenge – Hearing The Whispers

Are you wondering why you don’t seem to have the access to intuition and inspiration like some other people? Do you spend more time running around in your head than you do in your body 25hrs/day? In all of that white noise in your life, it’s no wonder you might be missing your own game […]

Bringing Out The Best In Your People

I am getting curious about all the companies that say they have the best people. How do they know? This is a really subjective statement and there is not way of knowing. If they are basing it on the salaries they pay, congratulations! My question is, “What are you getting for that?” Sports teams have […]

The Generational Leadership Gap

More than ever, long standing companies are being faced with the Generational Leadership Gap. The Baby Boomers that founded the company and have run it successfully for decades are having difficulty reaching the younger generations to continue their legacy. With over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day in Canada, business leaders must be willing […]

Leadership Coach – Simple Gratitude Of Saying Thank You

Aly Pain talks about the simple act of saying thank you as a lost art in our world. When was the last time you said ‘Thank you’ to someone for something that is expected of them? Not even for going above and beyond or doing something out of the ordinary, just for being a positive […]