Are you wondering why you don’t seem to have the access to intuition and inspiration like some other people? Do you spend more time running around in your head than you do in your body 25hrs/day?

In all of that white noise in your life, it’s no wonder you might be missing your own game changing thoughts and ideas. All top leaders in the world make time every day to be still and quiet in their minds and bodies.  This time is specifically used for prayer, mediation and hearing the whispers that come only from your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind may be trying to talk to you all the time but it can’t be heard over all the loud junk going on at the same time. I encourage you to create 20-30 minutes per day to be still and quiet – maybe first thing in the morning works best for you, or at night as you lay down to sleep.  The time of day is not as important as simply making the time.

Many of the best ideas that have come to fruition in our world were from innovators and leaders hearing the whispers in their own lives. What part of your day will you use to create quiet and still for 20-30 minutes? What was the last intuitive you had?

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