A Recipe for Conflict

This past weekend I was at a sports tournament with my son. Unfortunately, it was one of the worst tournaments I’ve been to as a parent. Not because of the players or refs, wining or loosing, there was no drunken brawl between parents or bench clearing fight, or parents yelling and swearing at officials (I […]

It Isn’t Them You Don’t Trust

You know when trust is present in a relationship when you don’t give much thought to what the other person (or people) are doing. You have peace of mind that they are going to do what they say they will, while keeping your best interest at heart. You’re coming to the table as equals because […]

Are You Stuck In A Vicious Cycle?

Does your life seem like an endless cycle of negativity when everything seems to be going wrong? The trouble is that the more frustrated and angry you get, the worse everything around you becomes. One bad event can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of negativity. This vicious cycle can really erode your self-confidence, leading […]

Unplugging The Victim Vacuum

Are you stuck in the victim vacuum? That place where everything good is just sucked out of your life and devoured? That negative void where nothing good can happen and only your worst fears come true? It’s time to take control and stop playing the victim. Victims are so busy being consumed by how everything […]